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Father's Day in New Zealand 2020

Father's Day In New Zealand is a important day to recognise or celebrate the role fathers play in our life. Many New Zealanders observe Father's Day on 1st Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their love, care for fathers. Other cultures around this world coincide Father's Day with other celebrations into their community. In the Germany it is celebrated on Ascension Day , in the Roman Catholic tradition it is St Joseph's Day, and in the Thailand it is king's birthday.

father's day nz
Happy father's day nz 2020

Father deserves something special: For a memorable Father's Day send a gift full of the things of he loves, food or snacks, or beer or wine, Our Father's Day hampers & gift baskets will be make Dad smile when they arrive.

What day is Father's Day in NZ

A lots of persons ask what day is Father's Day celebrated in the New Zealand. Most of countries follow United States tradition & celebrate Father's Day. However New Zealand and Australia celebrate Father's Day on first Sunday in September.

In 2020, Father's Day in the New Zealand will on 3rd of September.

How is Father's Day celebrated?

Father's Day around the whole world is chance for sons & daughters to pay tribute to their fathers. While for most nations there are no set traditions, it often involves a presents, nice meal and chance for Dad to put their feet up.

Ideas for Celebrating Father's Day

Father's Day is all about making Dad feel more special, & letting him know how much you appreciate the role he plays in the your life. Think of Father's favourite things, or organise a special gift and outing surrounding that theme. Here are some art & craft ideas to get you started and check out these really great & simple Father's Day crafts to make the dad's day!

For Sweet Tooth Dad:

Make a special sweet tooth basket for Dad with some of his favourite treats. Why not cook up some bake a cake, fudge or roast some nuts with the maple syrup.

For Handy Man Dad:

Take a photo frame & decorate it with bolts, nails, latches, nuts, and odds and sods from Dad's workshop. Use a hot glue gun to secure on all your bits & pieces, then coat it in a clear varnish to finish off.

For At the Office Dad:

Take a clean tin can & make great pen caddy for Dad's office by covering it with photos of you. Start by the colour copying your favourite photographs, & then cut them into good shapes so only the best bits of the photo are used. Paste photographs onto the tin can using glue.

For Sports Nut Dad:

Make Dad a sports log book so dad can keep track of his favourite teams. Decorate the front cover, & make headings on each page for the date,, weather conditions, opposition, venue & score. Depending on the sport, you can add headings for things like fouls, tries, penalties, goals or rebounds for each of his favourite players.

MFor Music Lover Dad:

Download the all of Dad's favourite songs onto a CD, Pendrive & create great album cover telling him he's the best Dad in the whole world. Every time he listens to CD, he will think of you. You can make an e-version by downloading dad's favourite tracks onto his phone


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